Master of Science in Hospitality Management
This programme runs for four years with a minimum of 128 credits. Scheduling recommendation by semester given as following.


Master of Science in Hospitality Management (Requirement)

Subject Credit 1st Year 2nd Year Memo
Spring Fall Spring Fall
Required Research Courses Master Thesis 6
Seminar I 2 1 1
Seminar II
Research Method Courses—Chose at least one 3-credit course
Semi-Elective Courses Research Methods 3
Multivariate Analysis 3
Regression Analysis 3
Qualitative Research Methods 3
System Simulation of Hospitality 3
Core Courses—Chose at least two 3-credit courses
Semi-Elective Courses Food and Beverage Management Research 3 3
Lodging Management Research 3 3
Hospitality Human Resource Management Research 3 3
Marketing Management in Hospitality Industry 3 3
Hospitality Financial Management 3 3
Hospitality Information Technology Management 3 3
Business Strategies in Hospitality Industry 3 3
Required credits 8
Semi-Elective credits 9
Elective credits 19
Total credits for graduate 36