The broad and growing field of hospitality is one of the world’s largest industries. In responds to this growing demand for hospitality professionals, Tunghai University offers one of the best Hospitality Management programs in Taiwan. Established in 1998, the Department aspires to be the premier Hospitality Management education program in Central Taiwan areas. Currently, the Department offers degrees including Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Hospitality Management.

The Department is proud for its outstanding faculty members. There are nine full-time faculty members and three teaching assistants-all of them are experts in their chosen disciplines, and are dedicated to teaching, research and service. To enhance student learning experiences, the Department also has five state-of-art classrooms, including a culinary laboratory, a beverage laboratory, a food laboratory, a mock-up hotel room, and a language center. The on-campus lodging facility, a 26-room Tunghai Alumni House, offers students a hands-on learning experience in lodging business. The Department has more than 300 alumnus working in various filed in the hospitality industry.

A Curriculum Advisory Board, consisting of outstanding executives from the industry, hospitality education experts, alumni, and current students, work regularly with the faculty to adjust  a curriculum in order to  meet the needs of the hospitality industry.



The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management is a rigorous four-year program that covers all aspects of hospitality management. Our faculty has designed a curriculum that combines classroom learning and real-world practice through 800-hour internship program. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in all core business and management functions, along with broad choices in electives that allow students to explore their specific interests.

Through this well-structured curriculum, the student can gain the knowledge and skills, to meet the job requirements, as well as to achieve his or her career goals in the hospitality industry.

On completion of the undergraduate of the Hospitality Management program, the student should be able to equip with the following core-competencies for future success:

  1. Sincere hospitality service spirits and skills
  2. Substantive hospitality managerial knowledge and strategic thinking skills
  3. nnovative hospitality entrepreneurship
  4. Global perspective and foreign language skills
  5. Analytical, critical and problem solving skills

The Master of Science in Hospitality Management is a two-year program that cultivates strategic thoughts and quantitative analytical skills, a combination essential in upper management positions as well as hospitality research positions. The MS program is highly individualized program allowing student to work closely with his or her chosen academic advisor, who will guide the candidate in developing a course of study suited to student’s background and interests.

Since 2013, the Executive of Business Administration (hereafter: EMBA) department officially started to recruit students, each class has 16 students. The EMBA program is inherited the education characteristics of Tunghai University, the curriculum will focus on humanistic and management practices to integrate, to create a concept of cultural tourism management. Training courses are encouraged to facilitate innovative concepts and aesthetics of high-quality dining talents; professional faculties, extended with multinational operating experience of the Professional Specialist industry, and the domestic restaurant industry players to start classes, so that students can learn in the course of the study. Through theoretical and practical case, students have opportunity to analyze and solve the problems. Our vision is aim to establish the best program in food management, and strive to become the middle of the food business enterprises with the best quality in the field of education and training.


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