The executive master program of Hospitality Management at Tunghai University established in 2013 is a program that is built upon and will strengthen our status as one of the leading hospitality management programs in Taiwan. Aiming at ushering the future of managerial advancement for the industry, this unique program will be operated with the state of the art facilities, as well as the supreme practical courses taught by the diverse and experienced faculty team. Our faculty members keep close connections with the industry through a wide spectrum of working relationships, especially via practical researches and projects. There are two focuses for our MBA program: creativity with aesthetic and management breakthrough. The leadership of the department will continuously search for opportunities to enhance the reputation of the department as the leading provider of educational opportunities to the industry.

In the future, the on-line learning system will be established to facilitate a friendly and interactive learning environment for the hospitality practitioners with long shifts or versatile job responsibilities. The system will also enhance the context of the course by forming an international cyber learning center to share the worldwide successful management experience.



The MBA program in Hospitality Management in Tunghai University offers multidisciplinary approaches on hospitality professional continued education, including aesthetic, leadership skills, decision making capabilities, problem solving, and innovative and efficacious operation. We will offer our students who are already the professionals in the industry or those seek for the advancement an accelerated path into the service industry. The transformed knowledge and network background will enable them toexceed both customer and employer expectations through their persistent dedication to excellence.